Phosphate Induced Metal Stabilization

using Apatite II



Dr. Judith Wright is the owner and president of PIMS NW, Inc. and UFA Ventures, Inc.  She received her Ph.D. and MS in Geology from the University of Oregon, with emphases in Low-Temperature- Geochemistry particularly trace elements and stable isotopes (1985) and Sedimentary Geochemistry, particularly carbonates and evaporites (1982); and a BS in Geology/Paleontology /Philosophy from California State University at Northridge in 1979.  Dr. Wright has developed and tested laboratory and field technologies for measurement of flow and transport in porous media, and technologies for disposal of waste and remediation of metal contamination in groundwater and soil.

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Dr. James Conca is the Chief Technical Officer for UFA Ventures, Inc., responsible for design and execution of remediation systems for radiological, heavy metal and organic contaminants in water, soil and waste, at DOE and industrial sites. Other duties include technology development and commercialization for environmental remediation and monitoring, particularly for heavy metals/radionuclide and volatile organic compounds.  Also responsible for the development of sustainable energy distributions.  Conca obtained a Ph.D. in Geochemistry in 1985 from the California Institute of Technology, a MS in Geochemistry/Planetary Science in 1981 from the California Institute of Technology, and a BS in Geology and Biochemistry from Brown University in 1979.

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